3 ways to prepare for November 8

Mark this date on your calendar: October 11. That's the deadline to register to vote for the November 8 election. Go to votetexas.gov to learn how you can get and submit an application.

If you’ve already taken this important step, there are a few other ways to ensure you’re ready for this historic election.

Double check your info
Did you move recently? Even if you just moved across town, you may be in a different district or precinct, so it’s important to keep your record up to date. The Texas secretary of state’s website votetexas.gov is a great resource to see where you’re registered and to change your information.

Learn when and where to vote
Early voting will be October 24 to November 4. This convenient option lets you cast your ballot at any location in your county, but you may have to vote in your precinct on Election Day.

Get deputized for democracy
If you’re really dedicated to the election process, contact your county to find out how to become a deputy voter registrar. After completing a brief training, you’ll be empowered to educate people about the voter-registration process.

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