4 easy ways to update the kitchen before you sell

Homebuyers can overlook many deficiencies in a property, but the kitchen isn’t usually a place they like to compromise. As such, it’s a great place to make small improvements before you sell. Here are four things you can do to make your kitchen a selling point.

Freshen the paint and backsplash
One of the easiest updates to your kitchen is to paint the walls and redo the backsplashes to fit today’s trends. Many homeowners are opting for neutral colors, such as gray or ivory, for walls and backsplashes. Not only do these colors provide a modern feel, they also provide a blank slate for prospective buyers.

Put a new face on appliances
Sure, buyers will love new appliances, but spending $10,000 on them won’t necessary add $10,000 to your sales price. Another option is to give your current kitchen appliances a facelift. New doors on the refrigerator and oven and panels for the dishwasher can make the kitchen pop without breaking the bank, and you can also get a UPVC painting kitchen service to improve the looks of the kitchen too.

Lighten up the room
Lighting is extremely important for any kitchen. Simple overhead lighting is a thing of the past. Modern homebuyers are interested in unique, functional lighting that is cohesive with the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Under-cabinet lights and glass pendants over islands are two of the top trends for modern kitchen lighting. Even installed battery-powered LED strips under cabinets can go a long way toward updating your kitchen’s look.

Modernize the cabinets
Kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most noticeable feature of your kitchen. They help establish the style and aesthetics of the whole room. Some cabinet companies have gone high-tech with digital visualizations of what different cabinet styles, designs, and colors would look like in your kitchen. If completely replacing your cabinets isn’t in the budget, a simple refurbishing of the current cabinets can add significant value to the kitchen and the overall appeal of any home. Kitchen updates like these give you great bang for your buck—and will catch potential buyers’ attention.

Alexandra Bohigian is the marketing consultant for Cabinet Collection, an online supplier of cabinets. Contact her at alexandra.bohigian@enolalabs.com.

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